We offer fun and trendy clay earrings, necklaces and barrettes. Our pieces are hypoallergenic and lightweight. They make the perfect accessory for any outfit or occasion. Each piece is uniquely handcrafted.

Monochrome Flower
  • Simply C's stuff is so fun! I love how much your collection varies! From adorable cow/pig earrings to night out on the town earrings! Seriously there is something for everyone.

  • A small business with homemade earrings! They are amazing! Our girls love them and are more excited about the fact that no two sets are alike!! Seriously, give them a try!!!

  • Cheaper than Target earrings and so much cuter! This is my first pair of clay earrings and I will definitely be getting more. The styles are so unique and I love how lightweight they are. Chelsea does a great job!

  • The earrings I ordered are so cute! And you are doing a great job of marketing your business!

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